[NEWS][040811] Seohyun visits Park Seungil

Seohyun is not only pretty on the outside, but on the inside, she is even prettier.

On August 3rd, Seohyun visited former professional basketball coach, Park SeungIl who is fighting with Lou Gehrig’s Disease at the hospital and took some photos together for remembrance.

After Seohyun’s visit, Park SeungIl wrote an entry in his personal blog entitled ‘Together with Soshi’s maknae and her mother…’ and along with the post, he attached photos taken during their visit. Seohyun presented the Deluxe Edition of SNSD’s 1st Japanese Album ‘Girls’ Generation’ autographed by the members and a DVD player as gifts to Coach Park SeungIl.

As they took pictures together, the delightful feeling can somehow be seen from Coach Park’s face. There is indeed a special bond between SNSD and Park SeungIl. Last month, Park SeungIl visited the girls during their 2nd solo concert in Seoul and during the visit, he took pictures with all the girls for remembrance. Also, a few months back, Sooyoung and actress Shin SeKyung visited Park SeungIl at the hospital and gave him a kiss, much to the envy of the male fans.

Netizens who saw the pictures commented, “SNSD members are indeed angels”, “Seohyun is an angel who has a pretty face and heart”, “They have such beauties in them, how can fans not like them so much?”, etc

Credit: tvdaily.co.kr ; fanwonder.com

[NEWS][040811] Yuri, Tiffany, Sooyoung to MC ‘Kpop All Star Live in Niigata’ on August 20th

According to Japanese media, Nikkan Sports on August 4th, Yuri, Tiffany and Sooyoung will be the MCs for ‘Kpop All Star Live in Niigata’, the largest Kpop festival in Japan which will be taking place on August 20th.

Organized by MBC in support of the reconstruction efforts in Japan after the catastrophic earthquake back in March this year, the charity concert will be graced by popular Kpop stars such as SNSD, Kara, 2pm, 2am, CN Blue, Beast, 4minute, Infinite, Teen Top, Sistar, Secret, Norazo, etc.

Being the largest Kpop event ever in Japan’s history, ‘Kpop All Star Live in Niigata’ is expected to attract a huge audience of 46,000.

Credit: tvdaily.co.kr (via fanwonder.com)