[NEWS][120424] MBLAQ’s Lee Joon: “I’m too shy to greet Girls’ Generation”

 MBLAQ’s member Lee Joon revealed his phobia of exchanging greetings with Girls’ Generation.

Lee Joon who participated in the recording of SBS TV’s ‘Strong Heart’ said, “I’m just too shy to greet Girls’ Generation.”

He further elaborated, “If I were to smile while greeting them, I’m afraid that they might think I’m weird. Seeing the reflection of myself in their eyes makes me really shy”, explaining the reasons why he has been avoiding to greet the members of Girls’ Generation.

Tiffany who also participated in the recording of this particular episode of ‘Strong Heart’ said, “Everytime we meet one another on music programs, Lee Joon would avoid eye contacts with us and went out of sight”, confirming the truth of Lee Joon’s confession.

This episode of ‘Strong Heart’ will be aired at 11.15pm KST on April 24th.

Credit: star.mk.co.kr (via fanwonder.com)