130703 Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon to lend her voice in the OST for 3D film ‘Mister Go’

20121223-102256.jpgGirls’ Generation’s Taeyeon will be lending her angelic voice in the OST for Korea’s first and full 3D-film “Mr. Go” with the song ‘Bye’.

The song ‘Bye’ is a song created by musical director Lee Jaehak, who have previously created masterpiece OSTs with director Kim Yonghwa for Kim Ahjoong’s ‘Maria’ in ‘200 Ponds Beauty’, as well as Loveholic’s ‘Butterfly’ for ‘Take Off’.

Musical director Lee Jaehak, who created numerous unforgettable OSTs, delivering emotions and making the audience tremble, and Taeyeon’s OST for ‘Mr. Go’ is expected to send an exhilarating pleasant feeling to the audience, boosting everyone’s spirits.

Taeyeon shared, “Just as ‘200 Pound Beauty‘ and ‘Take Off‘, are films with impressive background music and cinematography, I’ve always wanted to take part in one of director Kim Yong Hwa‘s productions. I already get excited from thinking about hearing my song on the big screen while ‘Mister Go’ is playing and I’m looking forward to it.”

Meanwhile, Taeyeon’s theme song ‘Bye’ for ‘Mr. Go’ will be produced in two versions, the Korean and the Chinese. It is expected to captivate the hearts of Korean and Chinese audiences, as well as audiences worldwide.

‘Mister Go’ tells the inspirational story of an assertive 15-year old girl Wei Wei and the special gorilla, Ling Ling who silently protects her. The film will premiere on the 17th!

Let’s anticipate!

source: TV Report | credit: allkpop & soshified | edited by SONEyTown

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