First of all, thank you for visiting our site and choosing us as your daily source of Girls’ Generation’s news.

We’d like you to follow these simple rules to keep our blog organized.

  1. NO BASHING. Please respect other people here. We do not want any internet war.
  2. NO HOTLINK. Please upload the picture to your own server.
  3. ENGLISH ONLY. Please use english as we want people to understand each other here.
  4. NO FOUL LANGUAGES. Please respect each other and do NOT curse.
  5. NO SPAMMING. Please do not spam and respect us.
  6. TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS. Even though we’re just a source finder, but we always post the credit in the end of the article. Please take out with full credits including us: SONEyTown or SyT.
  7. NO PROMOTION OF OTHER SITE/BLOG. Please respect us.
  8. USE ONE IDENTITY. Use one name/email when commenting.
  9. DO NOT MAKE ANOTHER VERSION OF OUR BLOG. Taking out articles is fine unless you use credit but please do not copy our blog.

Please follow the rules our we might ban or give him/her a warning for not following our rules.

If you have any questions regarding these rules, kindly contact us by here.

SONEyTown. ^^


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