Y O O N A (윤아)

Stage Name: Charming Girl YOONA (매력 소녀 윤아 – maeryeok sonyuh Yoona)

Birth Name: Im Yoon-a (임윤아)

Nicknames: Yoong, Saseumi (deer), Him Yoona (strong Yoona), Im-choding (elementary school-kid Im), Saebyuk

Position: Supporting Vocalist/Lead Dancer

Date of Birth: May 30, 1990

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Bloodtype: B

Sibling(s): one older sister

Language: Korean (Fluent), English, Chinese (Basic), Japanese (Basic)

Specialty: Dance, Acting

Casted: 2002 SM Saturday Open Casting Audition

Training: 7 Years 2 Months

School: Dongguk University (동국대학교) Department of Theater | graduated from Daeyeong High School


– 2004 Elite Student uniforms advertising model

– 2004 MV DBSK – ‘Magic Castle

– 2006 CF Teun Teun English

– 2006 CF Sanyo batteries Eneloop

– 2006 CF Elite Student uniforms (with SS501)

– 2006 MV Super Junior – ‘U

– 2006 MV CSJH The Grace – ‘My Everything‘ (with Super Junior Kibum)

– 2007 CF Yejimin Pad

– 2007 CF Clean & Clear

– 2007 CF Sunkist Grapefruit/Lemonade (with Super Junior Kangin & Heechul)

2007 Drama MBC ‘9 Ends 2 Outs‘ (as Shin Joo-young)

– 2007 MV Super Junior – ‘Marry U

– 2008 MV Lee Seung Chul – ‘Propose

– 2008 Drama MBC ‘Park Jung Geum‘ (as Mi-ae)

– 2008 Daily drama KBS ‘You Are My Destiny‘ (as Jang Sae-byuk)

– 2009 MV 24/7 – ‘That Man’s Woman

– 2009 CF ‘Clean & Clear’ (with Kim So-eun)

– 2009 Drama MBC ‘Cinderella Man‘ (as Seo Yoo-jin)

– 2009 CF ‘Innisfree‘
– 2010 Variety Show SBS ‘Family Outing season 2′

– 2010 CF ‘S-Oil


Widely known as the “center image” of SNSD due to her immense popularity among Korean public.

The physically strongest member of SNSD, gained her a nickname Him Yoona (strong Yoona).

Despite her sweet girlish image, Yoona is actually boyish. One of her well-known nickname is Im-choding (elementary-school boy Im).

Being the the second youngest of SNSD doesn’t stop her to be one of their biggest prankster.

SNSD’s second biggest eater after Sooyoung.

Her claim-to-fame was the hit daily drama ‘You’re My Destiny’ which ratings peaked at 41% viewership.  The drama was also her first time as a lead in drama.

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